Frequently Asked Questions

What are the service times?
Sundays (Crossroads Church) 10:30am ~ Saturdays (Westbrook) 6:30pm
How do I get there?
What if I have kids?
Your children are welcome to enjoy the service with you. For most children, our Nursery (birth-age 2) and Toddler Church (ages 3-Pre K) is a more suitable place. We dismiss our grade school kids to Children’s Church just before the Pastor’s sermon. (Child care is not offered at Saturday Service.)
How do people dress?
Dress however you feel comfortable. Dress up. Dress down. Just come dressed. Shorts and jeans are OK with us! We believe God is more interested in what we look like on the inside.
What style is the worship music?
A live worship band plays Contemporary Christian music during our Sunday service. At the Saturday service, we sing more traditional hymns.
Will the Pastor preach “over my head”?
No. We try not to assume that our guests know all the stories and themes in the Bible. We come to church to learn together, not to be quizzed on Bible knowledge. The purpose of each sermon is to relate the truth of the Bible to our everyday lives.
Will anyone ask me for money when I come?
No. In fact, we encourage our guests NOT to give in the offering. We like to think of our service as a gift to our guests. That’s why we give everyone a “Welcome” card. It gives our guests something to put in the offering basket.